Bumblebee SDX
Bumblebee SDX
Bumblebee SDX Bumblebee SDX Bumblebee SDX Bumblebee SDX

Bumblebee SDX

Reference: TLX-03
Brand: Toylaxy
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Toylaxy has teamed up with Herocross to proudly present our Too Cute To Resist Statue “SDX Transformer Generation One”, This “Chibi” and “Cool” style statues are not only the highly detailed statues but they are also provide “Fun” feeling with their post and storytelling base which base on Transformer Generation One Animation . This set of four include: Optimus Prime , Megatron , Soundwave , and Bumble Bee. Combine all four statues and you can have Transformer Battle !!

License: Hasbro

Type: Toylaxy SDX

Manufacturer Herocross

- Vachira Petmaneenilsai ( 2D Artist )
- Chayanin Badang ( Advisor & Engineering )
- Watchara Boonpokkrong ( Advisor & Engineering )
- Geng Gi ( Sculpt )

Additional Details

a. Optimus Prime Size 26 * 15 cm
b. Megatron Size :24*15 cm
c. Soundwave Size : 26*17 cm
d. Bumble Bee Size :19*15 cm
2. Gross Weight : 2 KG
3. Material : Poly-stone Resin

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