Flashpoint Batman (Batman Comics) Regular Ver

Flashpoint Batman (Batman Comics) Regular Ver

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“Do not make this mistake. I’m not a silly villain or a bumbling police officer. I’m not a pretender to the throne, destined to fall. I’m Batman” 

Enter the twisted and alternate reality of Gotham City featuring Batman from the Flashpoint timeline. In this timeline, Thomas Wayne takes on the mantle of Batman after the death of his son, Bruce Wayne, in a tragic incident that changed the course of history. In this reality, Thomas becomes a darker and more brutal version of Batman, driven by grief and vengeance.  

From DC artist Carlos D’Anda’s concept design, our skilled artisans at Prime 1 Studio bring to life this version of the Dark Knight. Meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of Flashpoint Batman’s brooding and relentless determination. He stands at 23.6 inches tall, in an upright and menacing stance with both fists at his sides. Our sculptors and painters have done an amazing job at texturizing every part of his distinctive Flashpoint attire, a visually striking departure from the traditional Batman costume. The cowl is tightly drawn over the face, and features a more rugged and weathered appearance, reflecting the harsh reality of the Flashpoint world. The suit, a darker shade mixed with bright red accents underneath the iconic bat symbol emblazed on his chest, and the crimson utility belt was loaded with gadgets and weapons. As a symbol of hope in a world consumed by chaos, Flashpoint Batman stands tall as a beacon of justice, ready to confront the darkest threats that plague Gotham City. 

[Product Specifications] 
・Statue Size approximately 23.6 inches tall [H:60cm W:43cm D:20cm] 
・Batman-themed base 
・Two (2) Swappable Free hand parts 
・Two (2) Swappable hand parts holding Gun[BONUS] 
・Two (2) Swappable Gun holsters [BONUS]

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